Meet The Staff Behind Immediate XTrade AI

The people who created Immediate XTrade AI are truly an extraordinary bunch. With over 20 years of accumulated experience in the fields of coding, research, and finance, our team of experts can easily develop and execute project is a variety of programming languages in a seamless fashion.

From concept to deployment: when we built the team our main goal was to bring a combination of highly talented people who understand how to take an idea and turn it into a reality in short time-frame. This was our main driving factor, and to achieve such a task the investors hired a select few with an exceptional track record.


Our Professional Backgound

Daniel Krieger, CEO: A Berlin native, Daniel has already been the driving force behind 3 tech startups in the fields of AI and Fintech.

Chris Wei, CTO: Chris is a person who lives and breaths technology. Completely self-taught, Chris is a New Jersey native with a strong record in engineering and module development in both IT as well as software.

Dennis Schwarz, Chief Architect and Programming Whiz: Dennis is an MIT graduate with strong background in Python, C, Ruby, Java Script, SQL, and Rust.

Anna Beran, Head of Product And Customer Tech Support: Anna is a Czech native and has an amazing ability to draft product specs, marketing requirement documents, and an uncanny ability to “connect the dots”.

Together, the Immediate XTrade AI team can proudly say that they are industry leaders and innovators in the fields of AI and Fintech engineering.

Innovation That Creates A New Reality

Our innovative approach to coding and financial order sorting has placed us in a truly unique position. Today, we are able to compete and outperform leading Fintech firms from across the globe. Our investors have invested wisely and heavily, and the end result is pretty amazing! We invite you to sign up today and take Immediate Xtrade AI out for a test drive.